Henco Industries NV

Typ: Fabrikant

Henco Industries’ success story started with the vision of successful entrepreneur Louis Hendrickx.

His professional career began in 1948 with a stove shop in the centre of Herentals. In 1956 he started manufacturing stoves and gas cookers and set up the Dura plant. Fourteen years later, Louis Hendrickx decided to focus on the manufacturing of ribbed radiators and founded the Koblenz company, producing 44,000 radiators per day.

The success of panel radiators in the late 1970s urged him to design a panel radiator with a very high heat emission, resulting in the birth of Henrad. Since the first production line was started up in 1976, Henrad has grown tremendously. Not less than 2 million radiators were produced annually, consuming 75,000 tonnes of steel per year.

Louis Hendrickx sold Henrad in 1988 and founded Henco Industries in 1992, giving birth to the Henco multilayer pipe.

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